Ronan Chopineaux | La Pluie de Minuit


Interactive Coding

Sound Design


This project was carried out during a 4 days Creative Code workshop. The objective was to create an interactive installation using Processing.

La Pluie de Minuit is an interactive installation allowing visitors to travel through the rain and its emotions while removing its annoyances. You can cross a rain projected on tulle, or play with its intensity, density, the storm or the wind, all without getting wet !

Materials and Installation

Ronan Chopineaux | La Pluie de Minuit Set

Our main challenge was to find a material that could be invisible during the rain projection.

The tulle was the ideal solution, since it also allowed thanks to its flexibility and lightness to multiply the layers of rain, to give a feeling of depth with a parallax effect, and to offer the possibility to walk between these layers to cross the rain.

It was crucial to us that spectators could walk through the rain to keep the poetry of our installation. As a result, we spaced the layers of tulle so that their navigation would not interfere with the projection.


Ronan Chopineaux | La Pluie de Minuit Controls

In order for the user to be able to control the rain, we have added to the installation a controller allowing to control 4 factors:
- The amount of rain
- Rain's speed of fall
- Lightning
- Force of the wind.

All this was done using a Picoboard on which were connected a button, a slider, a microphone and a potentiometer.

Final Result

Watch here the final video of La Pluie de Minuit's installation. Let yourself be carried away in this walk in the rain by Kiss the Rain of the famous Yiruma.

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