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Sidekick is a prospective project carried out in 2020 as part of my Interaction Design Bachelor’s degree L'École de design Nantes Atlantique.

Sidekick is a new feature built into Spotify, which allows you to create a shared listening session, which would be created based on the musical tastes of those present.

This extension aims to optimize the musical experience in its environement, responding to the following challenge:

How can music fits to our daily life autonomously?

Use context

Ronan Chopineaux | Sidekick Context

In a world of musical overconsumption, with millions of musical titles available, and just as many musical tastes, it has become very constraining for users to make choices, so that the music pleases to all.

The main targeted use is during a grouping, a party, or any moment between friends, in order to let Sidekick manage the music for us, allowing participants to leave their smartphone.

But we can also imagine an evolution of this use that would allow us to be actor of the music that surrounds us, by detection of our presence in a store for example.


Ronan Chopineaux | Sidekick Persona 1
Ronan Chopineaux | Sidekick Persona 2


This project ran from September 2019 to June 2020. Just before the final release, in May 2020, Spotify released the Beta of its new Group Sessions features, to create collaborative playlists.

This news however confirming my good positioning, I carried out an audit of their new feature, in order to evolve my project in consequence.

Ronan Chopineaux | Sidekick Setback

First of all, I identified the capital gains brought to Spotify :
- The playlist sharing
- Barcode system
- Allow actions to all users
- Historization

In a second time, I highlighted several weak points :
- Difficulties in accessing the feature
- Music additions manually only
- No remote sharing

User Experience

Ronan Chopineaux | Sidekick Userflow

Ronan Chopineaux | Sidekick Touchpoints Map


Ronan Chopineaux | Sidekick Wireframes
Ronan Chopineaux | Sidekick Wireframes

Project Identity

Ronan Chopineaux | Sidekick Logo
Ronan Chopineaux | Sidekick Colors
Ronan Chopineaux | Sidekick Colors
Ronan Chopineaux | Sidekick Font

Final Result

Ronan Chopineaux | Sidekick Overview
Ronan Chopineaux | Sidekick Overview

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