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TIM is a prospective end-of-studies project carried out at L'École de design Nantes Atlantique between september 2021 and may 2022.

For young amateur soccer players in Quebec who want to make soccer an integral and sustainable part of their daily lives, TIM is a mobile application that is a companion to a player’s soccer routine, promoting the values of this sport and finding new interactions with his/her teammates, thanks to a simple every day tool.


Canada, and particularly Quebec, is increasingly disarmed by the lack of sport activity by young individuals. In fact, according to the Institut de la Statistique du Québec’s study on the Physical leisure activity of Quebec children and youth in 2018-2019 (dating back to 2020), only 1 in 5 young people is considered active. The main reasons for this problem is the lack of friends with whom to practice physical activity and the missing of fun in the practice of sport.

Moreover, in our post-covid era, access to these practices has deteriorated, as have social relations, particularly during adolescence, a decisive period as to the social construction of an individual.

To all this must be added a local sports policy promoting an exacerbated competitiveness, which directly minimises the pleasure of amateur play and social values, causing a massive abandonment of club practice by these young teenagers, who will never get back into sport.

Initial Issues

Ronan Chopineaux | TIM Initial Issue
Ronan Chopineaux | TIM Initial Issue

Actors Network

Ronan Chopineaux | TIM Network
Ronan Chopineaux | TIM Network

What we learnt

Ronan Chopineaux | TIM Short-Term Scheme
Ronan Chopineaux | TIM Long-Term Scheme

It is therefore important to understand how to ensure the continuity of the collective sport experience in the daily lives of young amateur soccer players in Quebec, in order to restore the envy and mastery of their sports practices to young individuals.


The first opportunity we have is soccer itself. This sport, the most practiced among young people (20% of young Quebecers) both among girls and boys, is under the spotlight thanks to the results of the 2 national teams, hosting international competitions and creating professional structures such as the CF Montréal and its academy. But amateur players have too few opportunities for solutions to meet their needs right now.

We can then use social mechanisms to challenge the user around the values that sport brings to adolescence, the period of social construction, such as surpassing oneself, feeling of belonging to a group, or even assiduity. These social values, in addition to the sporting contribution, will help build this future adult.

Main features

Ronan Chopineaux | TIM Challenges

Your TIM trains and progresses at the same time as you.

At each game session, you choose challenges to achieve. Each validated challenge will reward and advance your TIM by your own actions!

Ronan Chopineaux | TIM Community

Reflecting directly all your own IRL actions, it surrounds itself with the entire TIM community met during its game sessions.

By detecting other TIM's users proximity, the app is able to tell you who you played with and the the recurrence of your joint sessions. Thus, your relationship in the application will be strengthened, and your rewards multiplied.

Ronan Chopineaux | TIM Widgets

Thanks to the widgets, the users are aware at every moment of the detailed progress of their TIM.

If they receive a message, the widget allows to view it without necessarily accessing the application.

Ronan Chopineaux | TIM Shirts

Your Tim is absolutely whoever you want.

Customize your TIM to your image or as you like, make it wear the shirt of your heart club and it will become his most faithful fan!

Project Identity

Ronan Chopineaux | TIM Naming
Ronan Chopineaux | TIM Logo

Ronan Chopineaux | TIM Colors
Ronan Chopineaux | TIM Colors
Ronan Chopineaux | TIM Fonts
Ronan Chopineaux | TIM Fonts

Final Result

Ronan Chopineaux | TIM Naming
Ronan Chopineaux | TIM Logo

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