Great design is born of simplicity and intention, where every pixel accords with others to create a powerful emotional experience.

Ronan Chopineaux Product Designer

Montreal-based Product Designer on a mission to sprinkle a bit of magic into your digital journey.

French west coast product, I traded baguettes for poutine and embarked on a post-pandemic adventure in Quebec. I aim to sculpt pixel-perfect designs to create user experiences that go beyond expectations.

When I'm not busy crafting the digital future, you'll find me grooving to music or breaking a sweat on a soccer field or a hockey rink. In past lives, I swam like a fish, strummed guitars, and even dabbled in civil engineering. Now, I'm channeling those diverse experiences into designing the coolest digital products.

Let's connect and create something extraordinary – because who said design can't be a little funny and a whole lot awesome?

*cat not included

Work experiences


UX/UI Designer

Development of expertise in strategic and aesthetic design of various high potential products. Skills including defining personas, user research, creating efficient design systems, and designing mockups and functional prototypes. Constant commitment to design excellence and user experience optimization, always ready for exciting new challenges.

Insure Nimble

Product Designer

Development and rigorous management of the design system. Integral design of interfaces for Investors, Insured and Administrators users. Leadership in conducting Web3 user specific UX research, ensuring a deep understanding of their needs and behaviours. Proactive management of the entire project, effectively orchestrating exchanges with developers for a smooth and consistent implementation of developed solutions.


UX Designer

Designer integrated at the Centech, ÉTS's startups incubator in Montreal. Participation in the development of two startups, in response to their design needs. Solving complex problems through deep user research and user testing. Creation of UI mockups and implementation of design systems. Design of MVPs and functional coherent prototypes. Participation in strategic decisions regarding the integration of design into the overall functioning of the company. Design thinking approach played an essential role in the evolution of projects and in the management of core phases of the company.


UX Designer - Scholar Partnership

Active collaboration with the SNCF Innovation Lab in a partnership project focused on the rehabilitation of abandoned French railways. Conducted extensive research on user experience related to autonomous vehicles, including user interviews and tests. Designed mockups, performed 3D modeling, and created video prototypes, contributing significantly to the exploration and development of innovative solutions within this exciting project.

Merci Jack

Product Designer - Internship

Headed design system management and performance. Led design sprints to foster creativity and collaboration within the team. Conducted user research and crafted UX flows to enhance product usability. Created visually appealing UI mockups, ensuring a seamless integration of design elements for a compelling user experience.


Visual Designer - Internship

Engaged in an immersive Visual Designer role within a creative agency, specializing in web design and visual communication. Redesigned websites and visual identities to enhance brand presence strategies. Managed social media accounts to optimize online visibility and engagement.

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