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MAMEdev is a multi-purpose emulation framework developed to preserve decades of software history. As electronic technologies continues to rush forward, mame prevents this important "vintage" software from being lost and forgotten. Despite being functional, the actual website presents major UX and UI issues, making the information hard to understand and the usability very poor.

Feel free to consult the original MAMEdev website at


UX/UI Designer


4 weeks


Elliot Chevalier (UX/UI Designer)


Adobe XD, InVision, Adobe Photoshop

Existing website

Mame Dev Website | Ronan Chopineaux

The website suffers from a lack of proper identity, an unwelcoming interface, and a confusing navigation structure.

Navigating the site involves too much back and forth to find information, increasing the risk of user disengagement, even churn.

A redesign is necessary to strengthen the visual identity, simplify the interface, and clarify the navigation structure to prevent potential audience loss and retain passionate users.

Initial architecture

Mame Dev Initial Architecture | Ronan Chopineaux

In the website's current architecture, some elements are not where they should logically be. The documentation and community pages have sub-items that don't correspond to them.

For example, we would suggest to move the Forum page to the Community section.

Site map reorganisation

Mame Dev New Architecture | Ronan Chopineaux

We've designed a new structure to caters to specific potential groups of users.

Mame Dev New Architecture Detailled | Ronan Chopineaux

This map highlights two distinct areas.
One is tailored for gamers seeking games and community engagement, while the other is designed for developers interested in gaining a deeper understanding of how Mame operates.

Final structure

Mame Dev Final Structure | Ronan Chopineaux

We've organized the site structure into two segments:

Gaming focus: For players seeking swift access to games, library and general content
Development focus: Documentation-focused, providing tutorials and GitHub links for developers.


Mame Dev Persona Helena | Ronan Chopineaux

32, Software Developer


Get a complete documentation. Be able to understand and use Mame contents. Go further by consulting detailed videos and tutorials.


Get lost with too much content. Lose time searching the information needed. No community help and advices.


Gather documentation. Access external content (tutorial, library social network). Practice DIYs to enhance gaming experience.

Mame Dev Persona Ethan | Ronan Chopineaux

20, Student


Discover new games. Browse and discover vintage video games. Quick navigation through imaged content.


Get lost on the website. Find no help or tutorials. Too much technical documentation (doesn't manage to download games).


Find information with confidence. Have an experience enhanced by dynamic content and UI. Powerfull research through themes and universes

User journeys

Mame Dev Helena's Journey | Ronan Chopineaux

Mame Dev Ethan's Journey | Ronan Chopineaux

Redesign Concept

Mame Dev Mockup | Ronan Chopineaux

To create an immersive experience within the site's universe, we opted for a design that mirrors the world of arcade gaming.

The home screen is stylized to resemble a genuine arcade machine, offering users the choice between a Developer experience or a Gamer Experience. This choice can be easily switched at any time for a seamless and dynamic user experience.

Consequently, the entire site simulates an interactive arcade machine, allowing users to navigate using the arrow keys, enter key, return key, and escape key on their keyboard

Logo redesign

Mame Dev New Logo | Ronan Chopineaux

In alignment with the graphic redesign, we enhanced the logo to embrace a distinct arcade aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the retro-wave ambiance of the 80s and the iconic style of Miami Vice. The logo now features a pixelated appearance, adding a nostalgic touch to its overall design.

Mame Dev Roadgame | Ronan Chopineaux


Mame Dev Navigation | Ronan Chopineaux
Mame Dev Fonts | Ronan Chopineaux
Mame Dev Colors | Ronan Chopineaux
Mame Dev Assets | Ronan Chopineaux


To conceptualize first ideas, we employed Freehand, an InVision software facilitating swift and collaborative work. We experimented multiple structural ideas quick and dirty, exploring concepts while staying efficient and agile.

Mame Dev Wireframes | Ronan Chopineaux

Incorporating a modern touch amidst a decidedly retro aesthetic, we introduced a Netflix-inspired catalog, aiming to provide users with an extensive array of choices accessible at their fingertips.

Mame Dev Wireframe | Ronan Chopineaux

Final Mockups

Mame Dev Mockup 1 | Ronan Chopineaux
Mame Dev Mockup 2 | Ronan Chopineaux
Mame Dev Mockup 3 | Ronan Chopineaux
Mame Dev Mockup 4 | Ronan Chopineaux
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